Emergency Button

In danger?

Shake your phone or hold the emergency button to activate an alert. Your location and audio/video evidence will automatically be sent to your emergency contacts, and the closest armed response vehicle to come to your aid quickly.

Armed Response 24/7

Stay safe wherever you go!

Never Go Alone App is powered by ZECURE, a revolutionary approach to security and armed response in South Africa. A network of the best response companies nationwide, giving you access to over 3600 vehicles with a 4 minutes response-time in urban areas.


Driving home late or going for a run?

The Journey feature allows the user to set a start and end point before a run or driving home. Your emergency contacts will be notified and can follow you via live GPS tracking. You can simply add notes and set an ETA for your journey.


Meeting someone?

The Meeting function allows you to feel safe when going on a blind date or into a meeting. You can set the timer estimate the duration of the meeting.  You can extend the timer, but if it is not deactivated, an alarm will notify the nearest armed response vehicle as well as your emergency contacts.


Car crash or hiking up a mountain?

By activating the Man-Down function, you add a safety net to your journey. Your device can detect a dangerous situation such as free-fall while on a hike or a sudden impact like a car-crash. An instant alert will be sent out to the closest armed response and your emergency contacts.

Video- and Audio Recording

Evidence of every incident!

By activating the emergency button, audio and video are automatically recorded and immediately sent to our Control Centre and your emergency contacts.

All recordings will be saved instantly and can be used as evidence in case of a crime.

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