Help Us Raise Funds For Oupa – A homeless man, who saved a Jo’burg woman’s life!

Help Us Raise Funds For Oupa – A homeless man, who saved a Jo’burg woman’s life!

Yes, they are amazing people around us! In Johannesburg, a 29-year-old woman is determined to help a homeless man build a new home via her Fundraising Campaign by Back A Buddy, after he saved her from being attacked.

To date, Zanele has raised just R 33 000 to achieve her goal. Her target is set to R50 000, which she wants to use to build a Wendy house and buy furniture for “Oupa”. This wonderful man saved the life of Zanele Masule on the 5th June. While Zanele was walking home through a park in Malvern East in Germiston, Johannesburg, three men with guns attempted to rob her of her belongings.


In a Facebook post, Masule wrote:

I was walking home through the park from the shops and a car stopped and three guys came running towards me, one with a gun. I knew right there, I was screwed. I then heard a lot of voetseks and f-yous and I was ready to hand them my life. Only to find that it’s this man… (Oupa), limping and walking as fast as he can to scare off these thugs with his walking stick.

The guys ran back and left me and Oupa standing there. I was in tears as I see Oupa picking up papers and swearing continuously. (I think he has Tourette’s).

He is a gentle soul and he stays on the streets in Malvern East. I could only thank him with the little that I had, which was R50 and some coins.

He left all his boxes and his one blanket to help me, an absolute stranger. He is very old and has no immediate family left. Very smart with a vulgar mouth but a guardian angel for all those that walk through the dangerous park.

Zanele is inspired to do something special for Oupa to express her gratitude. She says he is homeless and has no clothes or food.

I would love to get Oupa a Wendy house so that he at least has a roof over his head. He’s old and in bad shape and has no immediate family left. He also has a terrible limp.

Zanele and the entire team from Never Go Alone urges everyone to donate money, clothes, shoes, warm blanket or building material to help build a shelter for Oupa. The cold winter season just started and we should reward such an amazing act of kindness!

Donate at Zanele’s fundraising campaign for him.

If anyone near or far would like to help him during this cold winter, please contact me as he’s a pillar of strength. We need more heroes like this.


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