Never Go Alone App Is Helping To Create A Safer South Africa

Never Go Alone App Is Helping To Create A Safer South Africa

Created by a team of young entrepreneurs, the brand new Never Go Alone Safety App was launched in all app stores in June 2019, with the aim of increasing safety for every South African.

“As the founder of Catch Me If You Can, South Africa’s largest all-women running community and the Women For Change Run in Sandton City, which is held during 16 Days of Activism, safety in South Africa has always been a key focus in our projects. When I heard about the powerful tool which was already developed by ZECURE, I knew this is something every South African should have on their phone.  Whether you’re a woman, parent, runner, hiker, child, student, someone using public transport or travelling by car. With all of the technology we use daily, it just makes sense to let your closest circle know you are in trouble, and more importantly, get instant help from the nearest armed response vehicle.” says Sabrina Walter, Founder of Never Go Alone.

The Never Go Alone App has three key features:

EMERGENCY BUTTON – The user can simply shake their phone or press the Emergency Button to activate an alert. Their location and audio/video evidence will immediately be sent to all of their Emergency Contacts, and the closest Armed Response vehicle will respond and come to their aid. The largest and ever-growing network of independent security companies, with over 3 600 response vehicles nationwide, ensures the quickest possible reaction time!

JOURNEY – The Journey feature allows an additional level of protection, in that it enables your loved ones or colleagues to track your progress when travelling, be it on foot or in a vehicle. They can follow you via live GPS tracking and should you not reach your destination in time an alert is automatically sent to our control room.

MEETING – This function allows you to feel safe when going on a blind date or meeting with someone in an unfamiliar place. Set the timer and estimate the duration of the meeting.  If you’re not able to get to your phone to deactivate it, an alarm will automatically notify the nearest Armed Response vehicle, as well as your Emergency Contacts.

To register on the brand new Never Go Alone App, visit

Costs R99 per month, or R899 for an annual subscription.



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